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    European Country Living was started almost 20 years ago by Matt Turowski, who had grown up in Germany and had traveled extensively as a child throughout Europe to visit friends and relatives.  This continued as an adult as he consulted with companies on how to manage international business operations in an increasingly interconnected world.

    During his years as a business consultant, Matt discovered that in a global world looking for inexpensive home furnishings, more and more products sold in stores were mass reproductions.  Although not bad in itself, he wanted to find unique items with character like he had grown up with as a child.  So Matt returned home to Germany to start a new business that focused on sourcing antique furniture and vintage accessories found at flea markets throughout Europe.

    Over the years, European Country Living experienced tremendous growth and success, survived an incredible recession, and is now dealing with the changing retail landscape with the huge growth of internet sales and the slow decline of "brick and mortar" stores.  To keep up with the future, we have launched our new website to bring you some of the treasures that Matt finds on his travels in Europe.

    In 2018, 6 containers were shipped over to the U.S. with almost 10,000 products.  This trend will continue in 2019 and beyond, with new items being posted weekly.  Keep checking back since many items are "one-of-a-kinds" and when they're sold, they'll be gone forever.

    We thank our loyal customers who have purchased from us over the years and look forward to working with our new customers.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need more information on any of our products.